Tips for Coronvirus

Virus transmited by droplet,contract and faces, here please find some tips to prevent transimission of Coronvirus:

  • Make regularly disinfected in work enviroment. 
  • Wash hand frequently before touching your eyes and mouth. 
  • Do not spray alchol inside when turn on AC, in case of fire.
  • Avoid unnecessary community actions recently, if have to, wear mask and wash hands frequently. 

How does indoor air, floor disinfect? 
  • Alcohol: alcohol can denature and solidify the protein of bacteria.75% medical alcohol can be used to sterilize the skin. 
  • Steam box: 20 minutes from boiling to achieve disinfection purposes, suitable for disinfection tableware, clothing and wound dressing gauze. 
  • Boil: 100℃ can also denature the protein of bacteria, need to sterilize sterilization of the articles need to be soaked in the water.optimum Used for small items such as cutlery, certain toys, baby bottles, etc. Natural Ultraviolet ray: natural ultraviolet ray is sunshine, sterilization effect can not be ignored however.Suitable for air, clothing, plush toys, bedding, etc. 
  • Clean air: keep the indoor air clean, ventilation is necessary, especially in autumn and winter weather, do not ignore because of the cold ventilation. 
  • Potassium permanganate solution: use 5‰ potassium permanganate to disinfect tableware, vegetables and fruits. After soaking for 1 minute, rinse again with clean drinking water. Bleach: bleach inactivates the enzymes of bacteria and kills them. It is a very effective disinfectant.Use 1-3% bleach in tables, chairs, beds, floors, walls, etc. (bleach and water), wipe with a cloth to achieve disinfection purposes. 
  • Disinfectant: the disinfectant contains chlorine, which can effectively sterilize and sterilize. 
  • After being directly diluted, the disinfectant can be sterilized and sterilized in a plastic pot. However, food and cutlery should be avoided.Suitable for desk, chair, bed, wall, floor, etc.

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