How to use a shaving brush

                                         How to use a SHAVING BRUSH

Shaving is a ritual. And like all rituals, it takes time. One of the key components to getting the ideal shave is realizing how to use a SHAVING BRUSH. In this series, we are going and expatiate on how to use a SHAVING BRUSH properly.

Firstly, wet the shaving brush.  Start by running the brush under some warm water to immerse the bristle. This will prime it to acknowledge the shaving cream or soap. Shake off any excess water. 

Furthermore, add shaving cream or soap. Put a small amount of cream onto the middle of the bristles. Or then again run the bristles over the shaving cream or soap on the off chance that you have it in a tin, bowl or cup. If you’re dealing with a quality cream or soap, you actually don’t need to use much to create an amazing lather.

Work into lather. Using circular motions, work the shaving brush around your beard area. Your first step in lathering your face is to apply it with swirling motions. You don’t need to apply a whole lot of pressure but just enough to thoroughly lather your face while exfoliating your skin. After you’ve covered your face with lather, use an up-and-down painting motion that will smooth out the cream on your face to provide a nice, slick shaving surface. If you’re not getting the desired amount of lather, simply add a bit more water to the shaving brush. This is one of the best time and loosening up portions of the shaving experience.

Shave. Since you have chosen to use a shaving brush, it is certain that you would complete your shaving process with the shaving brush for a perfect outcome. 

Rinse the brush; after you’re finished shaving, run your shaving brush under some cold water. Use your fingers to separate the bristles to get all of the soap out of the hair. Squeeze the excess water from the brush and set it back in its stand.

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